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ILA is the largest language provider in Vietnam. We currently have:

Language Centres located in 13 towns and cities across the country
Qualified, experienced teachers and Teaching Assistants
Professional friendly staff
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Vision - Mission - Core Values


To grow a generation who is capable of adapting to the changing world and changing the world themselves.


We are committed to building a future-ready education platform which aligns with the modern workplace, developing local and global citizenship values to empower students for life.

Core Values

  1. We place people growth at the core of all we do.
  2. We are committed to innovation.
  3. We operate with integrity and efficiency.
  4. We create impacts to our Community.

ILA Programmes

Young learners

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Ages 3-6

We teach our JumpStart students in a fun, play-based, communicative environment, teaching all four English skills as well as supporting well-rounded social emotional and cognitive development.

About ILA 6

Ages 7-11

Super Juniors focus on developing language proficiency across all four skills. We engage students in projects to further enhance their learning experience and use language ina different context. Teachers allow learners to collaborate more, show creativity in different ways, and produce something they can be proud of while having fun!

About ILA 7

Ages 12-17

We focus on developing language proficiency and confidence across all four skills. Project-Based Learning (PBL) further enhances the learning experience and uses language in a real-world context. Learners will collaborate and problem solve; vital skills needed for students to excel in future study and work environments.

About ILA 8

Ages 4-11

Aims to deepen and enrich the ILA student’s understanding of the important foundation maths concepts and skills that they are learning in Vietnamese school and expose them to other maths concepts that are part of modern, international curriculum, through a methodology that supports development of critical, logical thinking skills and 21st century soft skills by constant focus on problem solving strategies.


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Using a flipped classroom approach. You will spend your time in a highly communicative student-led speaking environment. Spending time focusing on improving student’s communication skills and their speaking accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.

About ILA 13
  • Exam prep for university students who need aspecific TOEIC or IELTS score to graduate
  • Ha Noi is focused more on IELTS prep
  • Covers a range of grades
  • All classes are supported by age-appropriate tech and context
  • Teaching Team is joint English speaking expat teacher, and local Vietnamese teacher.
About ILA 14
  • Delivered to corporate clients
  • May be an existing ILA product, a 3rd party Business English coursebook or a tailored course specific to company needs
  • May be delivered at ILA premises or at customer site, where supplements would be paid for teaching off-site

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